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Asus 1200Mbps AV2 1200 Wi-Fi Powerline Adapter Kit
Asus 1200Mbps AV2 1200 Wi-Fi Powerline Adapter Kit - £143.99

· Powerful 1200Mbps HomePlug® AV2 powerline connectivity with 1200Mbps dual-band AC1200 Wi-Fi MIMO range extender. · Flexible connectivity for multiple devices via powerline, three Ethernet LAN ports and Wi-Fi. · Plug-and-play setup with easy Wi-Fi network cloning. · Encrypted pairing blocks unauthorized devices for protected security. · Integrated power socket ensures no power outlet is wasted.  


ASUS RT-AC86U WiFi Modem Router - AC 2900, Dual-band
ASUS RT-AC86U WiFi Modem Router - AC 2900, Dual-band - £199.00

Top features: - Enhance your connection for lag-free online gaming and 4K streaming - Dual-band connection for efficient gaming and web browsing at home - Wide signal coverage made better with Range Boost Technology - AiProtection blocks common internet-based attacks Enhance your connectionMake your internet connection better with the ASUS RT-AC86U WiFi Cable & Fibre Router. It delivers a combined 2917 Mbps Wi-Fi speed. In other words, you'll benefit from lag-free online multiplayer gaming so you won't have to worry about your connection slowing you down.You could even livestream 4K Ultra HD content without it having to buffer. It's a must if you stream gaming content on Twitch or YouTube.Dual-band connectionDon't worry if you've got multiple internet users at home. The dual-band WiFi signal ensures a constantly smooth connection, even if you're playing games online and someone else is streaming from Netflix at the same time.Wide signal coverageThe router has Range Boost Technology to provide a good signal in every room of your house, as well as AiRadar beamforming technology, which focuses the signal directly to your devices. Your devices (and you) will benefit from a faster and clearer WiFi signal with no lag.AiProtectionStay safe from dodgy internet-based attack thanks to AiProtection. The network security system ensures all your connected devices are protected, even if they don't have antivirus protection built-in. Attacks are blocked before they reach your network so that your personal information is safe from prying eyes.


2.0 Sound card, internal Asus Xonar Essence STX II PCIe Digital output, External headphone jacks
2.0 Sound card, internal Asus Xonar Essence STX II PCIe Digital output, External headphone jacks - £220.00

The Tradition of the audiophile sound philosophy maintainThe ASUS Essence STX is a long time of head-fi many satisfied users all over the world No. 1 in the field of sound cards have been elected. Four years after its introduction, it is still Attempts of ASUS, to develop steadily better high-end sound cards even the most demanding audiophile enthusiasts to inspire you. According to the long-term experience in the development of the ASUS Essence One, Essence STU and essence III, offers the ASUS Essence STX II is a sophisticated design, an unsurpassed performance, as well as a profound musicality - elements which make up the entire ASUS Essence Hi-fi series.Legendary sound quality even better.The ASUS Essence STX II offers with its industry-leading signal-to-noise ratio of 124 dB (SNR) which of the revolutionary and popular ASUS Essence STX sound card has been transferred, a up to 64 times better result than the conventional onboard audio hardware. The output via the headphone output reached a fantastic signal-to-noise ratio of 120 dB (SNR).Extremely low-stroke tremble (jitter)A highly precise clock for audiophile users is decisive. The integrated circuits react very sensitive to heat and temperature fluctuations, which is why the ASUS Essence STX II with a premium-TCXO pulse generator (Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator). This particularly precise timing technology provides an extremely low-stroke tremble (jitter).Clean and stable power supplyThe ASUS Essence STX II uses a dedicated 4-pin molex connection instead of the current via the expansion slot, as do other sound cards. The result is a significantly a purer and trouble-free power supply. The power supply is also due to the Hi-Fi LDO regulator (Low Dropout) optimized, which never before in the field of sound cards were used. The audiophile users highly valued WIMA ® capacitors ensure for a balanced sound.Celebrated MUSES operation amplifierThe profound musicality, which users of a product of the ASUS Essence series expect has its origins in the well-known and popular MUSES MUSES 8920 and 8820 operational amplifiers, a natural sound character and a spatial sound image.First-class headphone amplifierThe built-in headphone amplifier supports an impedance of up to 600 Ohm - audiophile users can thus your high-quality headphones and the extremely clear and pure sound quality of the ASUS Essence STX II experience.Expand an option to set the headphone amplifierThe ASUS-developers have the essence STX II with an additional setting option, which was developed especially for sensitive IEM headphones and with the musicians and sound purist earphone can use the sound directly into the ear canal. Ambient noise is thus insulated and the listening experience is not disturbed.Three interchangeable operational amplifierThe ASUS Essence STX II has the possibility of operational amplifiers, exchange, so that the user can try out different combinations of sounds and sound character.Additional set with interchangeable operational amplifiersThe ASUS Essence STX II is also equipped with a refill set, consisting of three additional operational amplifiers - Two Texas Instruments LME 49720 s and a MUSES 8820 as well as a tool with which you can easily remove the operational amplifier blocks particularly.This text is machine translated.


Asus G210 Silent 1GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Low Profile Graphics Card
Asus G210 Silent 1GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Low Profile Graphics Card - £24.99

ASUS EN210 is a silent, low-profile card for HD HTPC entertainment. It has been designed for gaming and home theater PCs, multimedia centers or entertainment by Asus.  The silent design of the Asus G210 Silent 1GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Low Profile Graphics Card which is manufactured by Asus also has a low profile design and high power efficiency. Silent passive cooling runs 0dB quiet and hd to screen is simply perfect for hushed gaming and multimedia entertainment seessions. An EMI shield has been fitted on the card and this effectively blocks 66% radiations to protect user's health and improve graphics clarity. Splendid Video Intelligence technology optimizes colors in various entertainment scenarios. Asus have given the card five special modes - standard, game, scenery, night view and theater. This really is the ideal card for anyone beginning the upgrade ladder as the resolutions on the Asus G210 Silent 1GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Low Profile Graphics Card are superb and full HD 1080p is available. Asus 210 Specifications Graphics Engine - NVIDIA GeForce 210 Bus Standard - PCI Express 2.0 Video Memory - DDR3 1GB Engine Clock - 589 MHz Memory Clock - 1200 MHz ( 600 MHz DDR3 ) RAMDAC - 400 MHz Memory Interface - 64-bit Resolution - D-Sub Max Resolution : 2048x1536, DVI Max Resolution : 2560x1600 Interface - D-Sub Output - Yes x 1, DVI Output - Yes x 1 (DVI-I), HDMI Output - Yes x 1 Dimensions - 7 " x 4.76 " Inch Asus G210 Silent 1GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Low Profile Graphics Card NVIDIA CUDA Technology  NVIDIA CUDA technology is the world’s only C language environment that enables programmers and developers to write software to solve complex computational problems in a fraction of the time by tapping into the many-core parallel processing power of GPUs. With millions of CUDA-capable GPUs already deployed, thousands of software programmers are already using the free CUDA software tools to accelerate applications—from video and audio encoding to oil and gas exploration, product design, medical imaging, and scientific research.  NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology  Blu-ray and HD DVD movies are bringing a new level of movie-viewing experience; with high-definition image quality far surpassing standard-definition DVDs. NVIDIA PureVideo HD2 technology provides unsurpassed Blu-ray and HD DVD movie picture quality. ASUS G210 Silent 1GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Low Profile Graphic Card (252476) Introducing the ASUS G210 Silent 1GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Low Profile Graphic Card. It comes to us from top manufacturer ASUS and at the heart of this graphic card beats an Nvidea GeForce 210 chipset running an engine clock of 589MHz, a memory clock of 1200MHz (600MHz dual channel DDR3) and a RAMDAC of 400MHz. Another excellent feature of the ASUS G210 fits in most PC cases as it measures only 7” x 4.76”. Great numbers but what do they mean. Well the GeForce 210 chipset comes from ASUS’ lower end stock but packs a remarkable punch at this price point. The ASUS G210 Silent 1GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Low Profile Graphic Card is capable of running most games and the very latest ones can be run at lower settings usually. Other card enhancements are NVIDIA PhysX™ DirectX® 10.1 as well as GeForce CUDA™, NVIDIA® Pure Video® HD There are many benefits to this card and some of these are that it is silent, has a good resolution of 2048 x 1536 under D-Sub (max resolution) and 2560 x 1600 DVI (max resolution). Power consumption for this card is a steady 75 watts and it sports a fast 64-bit memory interface. It also runs on a PCI-express system and carries 1GB of DDR3 memory. To complement the ASUS G210 Silent 1GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Low Profile Graphic Card is the low profile design which allows the card to fit into smaller cases. If you are into overclocking this is catered for too as ASUS bundles their Smart Doctor software with the card. But as an added bonus ASUS have included ASUS Gamer OSD which bring Real-time overclocking, benchmarking and video capturing in any PC game – WOW! Colour on the card is dealt with in five special modes: these are; standard, game, scenery, night view and theatre. The ASUS G210 Silent 1GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E Low Profile Graphic Card can create superb exposure to Home Theatre Entertainment and its 0 dB noise levels enhance this experience greatly (you get the original movie sound track or the song) without the annoying buzzing fan that some cards make. The native HDMI on board is the ideal partner for full HD 1080p entertainment.  


Asus Lyra Mini MAP-AC1300 Dual Band Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi System
Asus Lyra Mini MAP-AC1300 Dual Band Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi System - £94.25

AC1300 Whole-Home Wi-Fi System – Seamless Wi-Fi Signal in Every Corner of Your Home   Banish Wi-Fi Dead Spots – Delivers perfect Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of your home. Smooth Connections, Always – As you move around your home, you’ll always be automatically connected to the best possible signal. Commercial-grade Security - AiProtection blocks security threats to protect all devices on your home network. You’re in Control – The ASUS Lyra app allows no-fuss setup, lets you manage bandwidth and informs you instantly about any technical problems. Family Overview – The feature lets you easily view and control each family members’ internet and app usage from your mobile device.


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